An offshoot of picoChain™ focused on monitoring, diagnostics, and remedial control of fluid distribution networks. The goal of FluidChain™ is to keep a continuous watch with the goal of zero disruptions to the flow.


  • picoEleuth™ – core hardware and software driving the operation of the product

  • picoRepository™ - cloud-based routing engine managing communications between 2 or more picoEleuth™ components

  • FluidChain™ package – an operational model of fluid distribution elements

  • FluidChainModeler™ - an easy-to-use offshoot of picoModeler™ used to customize and deploy FluidChain™  for specific distribution network configurations


  • FluidChain™ is available under an OEM licensing agreement. Please Contact Us for details.

  • Dig.y.SoL™ is actively looking for founding OEM partners. Please Contact Us for more information.